WPU Player Profile: Susannah Sykes

Female basketball player number 20 jumps off the ground in the Meredith college gymnasium

By Brittany Bass

Sophomore shooting guard Susannah Sykes has been a star athlete since a very young age, and she’s continued to make her mark on the Pacers basketball team.

In her freshman year, she earned USA South Academic All-Conference honors and was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.

In her hometown league, they made her play on teams with much older players than her just to make it a fair game.  She has always been driven and committed to playing basketball in hopes she would one day play the at the college level.

During her senior year of high school, she decided to start emailing coaches in her area and William Peace University was very interested in Sykes’s talent.

Former women’s basketball coach, Kelly Johnson watched a few of her high school basketball games and witnessed her skills as both a seasoned athlete and team player.  

Johnson approached Sykes on behalf of WPU and it did not take her long to decide that it was the perfect fit for her. The rest is history.

Playing the position of shooting guard, Susannah was able to participate in 25 games and made 24 starts as a freshman. She also led the team by averaging 8.8 points to go with 3.9 rebounds and 1.1 assists in addition to leading the team with 38 steals.

“The best experience with the basketball team would be meeting new friends that are now some of my closest friends,” said Sykes.

The women’s basketball team has become a team that has goals and is striving for success. The women began practice for the new season a week after school started. They train four days a week to prepare.

“My expectation for this year is to win more games and to work harder as a team,” said Sykes.

She is looking forward to the crowd of Pacer fans cheering the team on as they aim to win.

For more information on William Peace University’s Women’s Basketball and other teams, check out http://www.peace.edu/athletics.

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