Historic Finch's Diner to Close

Interior of Finch's Diner; an old-timey bar with a visible grill

Right down the road from campus, students have a chance to eat in a piece of Raleigh history before it is relocated in early 2017.
Finch’s, located on West Peace Street, has been a breakfast and lunch staple for locals for over 70 years.
At Finch’s you can always expect a hot and delicious meal just like your southern grandmother makes. From the breakfast biscuits to the lunch specials like country style steak, you can’t go wrong with whatever you order from the expansive menu.
Customers are always greeted when they walk in the door by someone working the grill or the cash register like Billy Vercoe. He’s always chatting with customers and sharing anecdotes.

Vercoe enjoys the restaurant being full of “regulars and old timers” like one woman who he says at age 103 still makes a trip to Finch’s once a week to enjoy the food and people.
The North Carolina Department of Transportation is re-building the Capitol Boulevard Bridge over Peace Street. This project unfortunately means that the original location of Finch’s will no longer be in service.
“It’s going to be missed a lot around here,” said Vercoe.
In addition to the Raleigh community missing Finch’s, many students, staff, and faculty members will miss this hometown restaurant.
“I love Finch’s because it is homey and has great food.  I go there at least once a week, to have breakfast by myself and recharge my batteries,” said Emily Seidel, Residence Life Area Coordinator. “Although I have only been a patron for a short time, it is sad to know they are leaving.”
Many Raleigh patrons were worried about losing their favorite weekend breakfast spot, so the restaurant has planned to relocate to Old Chapel Hill Road sometime in early 2017. Patrons have begun to write well-wishes and goodbyes by signing the walls and counters in the restaurant with brightly colored sharpies.  
The restaurant will remain open on West Peace Street through Christmas so if you’re on campus and looking for something to eat with a lot of history and some great people you might want to go try Finch’s Family Restaurant while you can still walk there.

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