Surviving Hurricane Matthew

Two large work trucks with cranes lift workers to telephone poles in Mordecai Neighboorhood

Hurricane Matthew was a disaster to everyone in the Raleigh area with winds gusting at 40 miles per hour and rain flooding the area. There were even places that the power went out.
Around The Vie area trees were falling to the ground, rain was flooding the area and the power kept going in and out.
Even though the power didn’t go out, it was still a scary feeling for senior Nick Cole.
“The storm was pretty bad I’m very surprised that we did not lose power,” said Cole. “We were able to get canned foods just in case the power did go out so we could still eat.”
Cole and his roommates bid their time during the hurricane by playing board games.
“I learned how to play the board game Sequence,” said Cole.  “It’s a [strategy] game where you lay down a card and put a poker chip on the board and you and your partner have to get five in a row.”
After the storm passed Cole and his roommates decided to see the destruction that it caused.
“Trees were everywhere on the roads and some power lines were down.” Cole said. “Traffic lights were out in a few places which could potentially cause wrecks and we don’t want that to happen.”

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