Why You Should Study Abroad

Student Emmanuel Reyes stands in WPU attire holding the Peace sign in front of a villa in Italy

By Ryan Echavarria

Interested in broadening your horizons? Ever wanted to know what it was like to experience a culture in a different country? Then you should definitely sign up for Peace’s study abroad program.

In this interview, Emmanuel Reyes discusses what it was like to study abroad, giving insight on what to expect from visiting a new country.

Where did you travel?
“I was fortunate enough to go to Italy.”

Did you enjoy yourself?
“Aw man, did I? Italy was such a beautiful place to visit, there was such a rich culture going on in the community that blew me away. There was a certain romance going on in the air that was beyond my expectations.”

What did you learn on your study abroad trip?
“What  I learned surpasses anything that a textbook could ever teach in my personal opinion. You really get the hands on experience and really get to see places such as the Colosseum, and different historical landmarks that really blew my mind away.”

Would you recommend studying abroad?
“Without a doubt, man! I know that studying abroad is not for the faintest of heart financially, but if you can afford it, and the school will help you, then I promise you it is one of the most unforgettable experiences that you will ever have. If it was up to me, I would do this trip 100 times in a row.”

There are many benefits on studying abroad and it is not too late to sign up for the latest and newest trips for the summer. The upcoming studying abroad trips include, Tokyo, Japan, Yucatan, Mexico, and Salzburg, Austria.

Contact Neill Prewitt at nprewitt@peace.edu or Adair Robertson at arobertson@peace.edu to get more information on this amazing adventure.

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