Can't Count Clinton Out

Pie Chart showing 47% Clinton, 36% Trump, 17% other. Title reads "Informal Poll"

Nearly half of William Peace University students plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election, according to an informal poll, though many students on both sides are
Of the 216 students interviewed, 183 said they planned to vote. Among those likely voters, 47 percent said they would vote for Clinton, while 36 percent said they would vote for Trump. The rest were either undecided, writing in candidates, or voting for an Independent party.
Reasons given for supporting Clinton included education policies, minority issues, and simply not liking Donald Trump. Sam Arnold, a student-athlete at WPU, is part of the 47 percent voting for Clinton, said he likes of her stances on social issues and policies.
“I stand for what she stands for on basically every social issue going on right now,” said Sam Arnold, a WPU student and athlete. “I like her tax plan and I feel like she is very qualified to run the country, unlike her opponent.”
Another Clinton supporter and student, Allie Chickie, sees Clinton as able to get things done and likes her outlook on fixing the broken parts of our healthcare system.
“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she has an enormous political resume, has decades of experience in getting things done, and even has presidential experience from being the spouse of a former president,” said Chickie. “She has worked very hard for low-income families and the middle class.”
Students supporting Trump also varied in their enthusiasm. Student Body Presidnet Jacob Ennis said he did not support Trump in the primary, but now supports him fully.
“I believe he’s the best candidate in the race,” said Ennis. “But more importantly I am voting againg Hillary Clinton because I do not believe that we do not need someone of her character in the White House.
But many students are less enthusiastic about Clinton, including some who would have preferred to have Bernie Sanders on the ballot.
“We really don’t have another option,” said Taylor Burton, who supported Sanders in the Democratic primary. “Hillary is better than Donald Trump.”
On the other hand, there are those who feel neither candidate is desirable, but given the choice, they dislike Clinton less than Trump.
Martha Chew is one of many WPU students whose vote for Hillary is more anti-Trump.
“Hillary isn’t perfect but she has years of experience,” said Chew. “She isn’t completely trustworthy, but seems to be genuine. If there were another choice, I would consider that candidate [but] I think Hillary can and will be a strong leader for America.”
Despite ongoing voter registration drives on campus and elsewhere, about 15 percent of students said they didn’t plan to vote at all. Chris Haskins, a senior, said he likely won’t vote because neither candidate appeals to him.
“I just feel there’s no right answer,” Hankins said. “They both have severe problems, and the third party candidates are just slightly less awful than the others.”
The debates didn’t seem to help students decide. Many felt that instead of discussing their policies and perspectives on how to improve America, Trump and Clinton spent the debates nagging and bickering.
Greg Chauvin, a senior who says he’ll likely vote for Trump, feels that neither candidate is fit to be president.
“I think this election is horrifying because I feel like these candidate aren’t really well liked,” said WPU senior Greg Chauvin. “Also, I have no idea how these next four years are going to be if we end up with one of them in office.”

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