Obama Rally Leads up to Election

Former President Barack Obama stands in formal attire gesturing towards a crowd of people

By Janae Hankins

With just a few days left of the presidential campaign, voters were racing to the polls as the candidates are winding down their campaigns.

On Friday, Nov. 4 President Barack Obama showed his support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by holding a rally at Fayetteville State University. The rally included Obama, Senator Deborah Ross, Attorney General Roy Cooper, and other members of the Democratic party.

Although Candidate Hillary was not there, over 2,000 people came out to show their support for her and the rest of the Democratic party.

“I love Hillary, I believe she will be a great president. She care so much about our country and she really wants to fix the issues.” said Teaonna Joachina, Senior class treasurer of FSU. “She has the necessary experience a person needs to run for a position like this. As an African American woman, and a woman in general  we have come a long way just to have a voice in this world. So just being able to allow a woman to run for president is amazing, I  hope she wins! I’m with her 100%.”

Not only is her support felt by the students at FSU but it also felt by the students of William Peace University.

“I feel like she’s the best candidate between the two for presidency,” said senior Jarrett Bennett. “Simply because she knows first hand how running the United States of America. She has the most experience with campaigns, political parties, and things of that nature.”

Things got a little out of hand during the rally a protester walked in holding a Trump sign and began to “boo” as President Obama spoke. The crowd retaliated by yelling curse words and screaming as the protester walked by and soon after the crowd began chatting “Hillary” as the man was escorted out by police.

Obama calmed the crowd down by telling them to “Hold up and focus!”

He proceeded by defending the protester and saying “1. We live in a country that respects free speech. 2. He looks as if he served in our military and we have to respect that. 3. He was an elderly man, and we have to respect that. and 4. Don’t ‘boo’, VOTE!”

As the speech came to an end, President Obama ending by saying “Its up to you North Carolina. Go out there and vote!”

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