Students Rally for Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited our great state one last time on Nov. 7 for a rally at the N. C. Fairgrounds.
With North Carolina being a swing state, both candidates made sure to visit our community and speak his vision for our nation. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton held her last rally of the campaign at N.C. State University starting at midnight on Tuesday.
North Carolina is worth 15 electoral college votes, making us a big state to win, and the Triangle is a very important geographical location for a presidential candidate.
Many state residents attended the rally on Monday to support Trump, and some William Peace University were able to attend the rally, as well.
According to William Cunningham, a WPU junior, the rally was an exciting place to be. He and his friend and teammate Easton Payton sat 30 yards from the stage.
Payton said this was not the first rally he has attended. He compared the event’s atmosphere to that of an SEC football game.
They saw many political figures including Gov. Pat McCrory, Mike Huckabee, David Clarke, and of course Trump. They also saw a number of specific groups there in support of Trump.
“While waiting for the rally to start, I saw Trump for Women people there,” Payton said. “I also saw Trump for Chinese and Trump for Cubans.”
Among the political issues Trump spoke about that caught Cunningham’s attention was immigration. Trump dedicated a large amount of his speech to this topic. He described how as a nation we will protect ourself from drugs and illegal immigrants, said Payton and Cunningham.
After the excitement of the final Trump rally of his campaign, voters gave him a stating ovation as he exited the stage. Payton said he expected Trump to be the victor.
“I feel like our next president should be Donald Trump,” said Payton, “but we have too many ignorant people in this country who continuously vote for people who don’t represent them.”
Cunningham also disapproved of Clinton and said he thought Trump would win.
“She had had 30 years to do something for this country and she has done nothing productive in that time,” he said.

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