Pacer Pong

Student Caleb Lethbridge stands in a hat on the left shaking the hand of fellow student Patrick Ralph who holds a green ping pong paddle

By Ryan Echavarria

Pacer Pong is one of the many clubs that started during the 2016-2017 school year. Caleb Lethbridge and Patrick Ralph are the President and Vice President of the club and are extremely excited about  the way it is progressing.

We interviewed both students.  Here is what they had this to say:

Why create Pacer Pong?:
Patrick Ralph: Really, there is not much of a student union. There is a TV and some couches in the lounges, but not much else. We slowly started to realize that there was pong, and people actually love ping pong. Even for those that did not wanted to play,  it was just a way to enhance the institution.

Caleb Lethbridge: I have had a passion for ping pong ever since I came to William Peace, and I wanted to share that passion with the fellow Peace members to share a community and build a bond.

What hopes do have you for Pacer Pong?
Caleb Lethbridge: I want it to develop into a school wide activity, an escape for students to have fun, while also having a sense of competition. I would like to travel and play with the elite program.

What is the Elite Program?
Caleb Lethbridge: The Elite program is basically a group of students who have exceptional skills in ping pong and travel to other schools, or have other schools come to them,and play competitive games of ping pong for prizes or just for friendly competition.
The club meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. We are always welcoming newcomers and are looking to expand. Whether you have never played, or you have been  playing for years, we are accepting everyone. Feel free to join!

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