Greeting Eugiena Collins

Eugeina Collins stands to the left of Tameka Talley, both dressed in blue Sodexo uniforms with Peace Perk in the background

By Mary Kuberry

Every student who walks into Peace Perks in the morning is inevitably greeted by one of the sweetest women working at William Peace University.

Eugeina Collins, fondly known as “Gina”, is originally from Brooklyn, New York. She has been working at Peace for over seven years, ever since she was transferred here from another university through the food service company she was employed by at the time.

Collins is working at Peace Perks officially as a coffee barista and cashier. She currently spends her time at work preparing tasty beverages and snacks for Peace students but more importantly she warmly greets the students and genuinely cares about every one of them.

“She always greets you,” said junior Breanna Cary.

When Collins was our age she was working hard and it is undoubtedly her life experience that allows her to connect so well with students.

Sophomore Tim Boettinger didn’t realize when first meeting Collins he would find such a sweet friend with great advice but that is exactly what happened. He fondly remembers crazy fall afternoons sitting and speaking with her about college and life.

“She’s easy to talk to and great to have a conversation with. Last year I would talk to her in the afternoons and get advice,” said Boettinger. “She’s really friendly!”

Collins decided to stay at Peace for all the same reasons that Peace students have come to love her. She thoroughly enjoys meeting each student and having a chance to interact and “chit-chat” with students every day. She embraces each chance to help students even if that just means memorizing their favorite smoothie orders.

“You’re my babies. I mean really you’re my babies,” said Collins.

Tameka Talley has been working alongside Collins at Peace Perks for almost two years as a coffee barista and cashier.

“[Collins is] sweet, loving, caring, just an awesome person,” said Talley.

Collins welcomes all students to stop by Peace Perks and say hello. She would be more than happy to greet and meet you.

“She’s very peppy and outgoing. She’s always very excited and smiling,” said senior Kyle Vincent. “The best word to describe her would be vibrant! She is vibrant.”

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