Art Guild is Latest WPU Club

Art club meeting at WPU

By James Embree

It’s becoming clear that the more William Peace University grows, the more variety there is in the interests and passions that run through it. This is expressed particularly with the recent surge of new clubs this past semester, such as Men of Peace and the E-Sports club.

This spring semester is no different as Peace added a new edition, Art Club, to the mix. Founded by sophomores Katlyn West, Merchaunt Aal-Anubia, and Victoria Horton, the club had its first meeting on Jan. 24. They were met with a large group of interested friends as well as other students who expressed interest at the recent Involvement Fair.

The club’s goals are understandably a bit complex, fixating on both the members’ artistic abilities and aspirations as well as their understanding of art.

“We wanted to create an environment where students can learn more about the history and mechanics of art, but also focus on refining their skills and growing as artists,” said West. “Art club isn’t about talent. It’s about growth.”

The meeting itself, like any first meeting for a new club, consisted primarily of introductions and laying out the foundation for the club. People went around the room and stated their name and favorite artistic movement or type.

The environment was relaxed, not pretentious. It was clear that the founders cared more about the participants enjoying themselves and their time in Art Club than anything else.

West, Aa-Anubia, and Horton are all Simulation & Game Design majors at WPU. They have all expressed interest in drawing and art in the past. While many freshmen enter the Art Appreciation and Drawing courses offered, there is very little outside of that in which people can show interest in visual art. 

“Art has always been important to me, and the school itself does not offer many art related classes,” said West. “Me and Victoria wanted to start a club that would give students the chance to learn more about art and practice it.”

The remainder of the meeting was spent doing a small drawing prompt with members from the group rotating in picking the song in the background. It is this friendly environment in which other clubs that die out tend to fail, and the co-founders of Art Club greatly aspire to achieve.

“We want to create a community of driven individuals that help inspire people with the things they themselves have created,” said West.

West and Horton seemed very well-composed and certain about what they wanted themselves and the other participants to gain from the club they’d recently conceived. They reportedly have several other plans for the future of Art Club.

“The club plans on doing a lot group activities on campus and within the community as well as going to the art museum to learn more about what art really is,” said West.

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