Men of Peace Get Pied

Randall Haskins with a face full of cream pie

By Hannah Philbeck and Randall Hankins 

Men of Peace club members allowed their Pacer peers to throw pie in their faces for fun in front of Belk on Feb. 1.

The free event offered students a chance to just have fun and escape from school and anything bothering them in life. Having the program on Belk Patio, in the pulse of campus, drew in people going in and out of class or lunch.

Winchester said that event was all about “putting pie in our faces to have some fun and be stress free from class.”

During the event, Whip-Cream was everywhere — on the ground, on the people getting pied, on the table, in the pie plates. At one point, club members had to go to the store and get more Whip-Cream so that they could keep it going.

“Getting pie in my face was okay, but it was really messy,” said sophomore Christian Branch.

Photo by Hannah Philbeck

The exciting event was originally intended to raise money for the Men of Peace Baltimore trip on March 24-25; however, they decided to use this program for people to have fun and throw pie.

“When we found out we were going on the trip we came up with ideas on how we could raise money,” said Dennis Mercer, who said the pie-throwing idea had come up in earlier meetings. “I said I would help lead it, then it finally got put into action today.”

WPU students seemed to enjoy their time out there, hanging out with each other, and eating donuts that Men of Peace brought from Krispy Kreme. When students were pieing the guys, they had such big smiles and giggles were going around. 

“Getting to pie Nasjere Williams was great,” said sophomore Ras Walker. “We have been friends for awhile now and getting to pie him in the face was hilarious. I hope Men of Peace does something like this again, I had a great time.”

Men of Peace is a well-rounded group that works for fairness and open-mindedness in the William Peace community. Even freshmen guys want to join the new program. 

“I have been a part of Men of Peace for a month now,” Mercer said. “I really enjoy it and it gives me something to do besides just sitting around in my room.”

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