Men of Peace Host Super Bowl LI Party

Super Bowl party in Belk dining hall

The hype had been building up all week for the Patriots and the Falcons to face off here at Peace and Sunday was no different as Super Bowl 51 was all the buzz around campus.
To bring campus together, Men of Peace hosted a Super Bowl Party in Belk where they provided lots of food for the party and had a raffle during halftime.
“It is great to have somewhere on campus to go and watch the game,” said freshman Jordan Criswell. “It was a blast to hang out with my friends and root for the Falcons.”
The game raged on with the Falcons advancing to a 25-point lead into the fourth quarter. However, the Patriots caught fire and scored 19 points in the last quarter to tie the game and send this Super Bowl into its first overtime. The Patriots scored a touchdown on their first drive in overtime to end the game with a final score of 34 – 28.  
“The game was great to watch, and I am glad that the Patriots won,” said freshman Ally Yoder.   “I wanted them to win really badly, and it was an epic comeback to watch.”  
Many students were glad to take a break from school work and watch the game. Sophomore Breanna Cary said the reason she watched the Super Bowl because it was an escape from her busy lifestyle.
Although students get back to the grind today, they will never forget the crazy comeback that made history as the Patriots overcame the odds and won Super Bowl 51.

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