Surviving Valentine's Day

Back window of car reading "Just Divorced"

Valentine’s Day is back, and for many people it’s an exciting day to celebrate with their honeys. But for others it’s a day to remind them just how single they are.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact many people choose to celebrate their independence on this day.
“Me and all my single girlfriends are going to go watch the new Fifty Shades Darker movie,” said sophomore Suzie Sykes.
Others may choose to celebrate the night in binge watching Netflix with friends or if you’re feeling adventurous you could go jump the day away at Defy Gravity.
“My roommate and I are going to treat ourselves to pedicures and going out to eat to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said sophomore Madison Tucker.
Another fun activity to take your mind of the fact that you’re single as a Pringle, is partying with your pants off at the Cupid’s Undies Run. For a cheap fee on Feb. 18th, you can help raise money for children with neurofibromatosis and party till your feet fall off.
With Raleigh being the big city it is, there are always new places to discover. You could go check out the science and history museums, find your next favorite restaurant, or enjoy some shopping.
Another plus to this holiday is the post Valentine’s Day candy sale to fix any candy lover’s sweet tooth.
Who know,  maybe after this day making your stature as single all to apparent, you could bump into your next mister or misses right.

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