SAAC Does Pennies for a Purpose

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee’s Pennies for a Purpose competition is in full swing, with each athletic team racing to earn the most points by filling their jars.
An annual tradition is competition against all USA South Conference schools and a community service event is to help raise money for a local charity of school’s choosing. In order for William Peace University to raise the most money, they have designed it between athletic teams.
“I think this year is gonna be different because we have more involvement and leadership,” said SAAC advisor Jarrod Miron. “Especially on the committee dealing with more dedication and purpose for SAAC.”
It is Miron’s second year being the SAAC advisor, and he explained that Pennies for a Purpose was a great opportunity for the growth of SAAC and student athletics.
The competition is designed with each athletic team having their own jar that they will fill with pennies. This year, athletic teams will compete against each other by making sure their jar has the most money. Teams can pass around their jars all over campus trying to raise the most money.
“This year we are hoping to raise more than we have at Peace,” said SAAC president-elect Breanna Cary. “We are hoping having a friendly competition between the teams will encourage more participation in this awesome community service event.”  
The winner of the jar competition will receive a full course meal of their choosing. Teams will get the opportunity to make a difference by just adding pennies to their jar.
Peace still wants everyone on campus to be involved and has set up jars in Belk and in the Finch Library. Every cent counts towards the race against schools. SAAC encourages everyone on campus to participate as the school will be honored by the USA South Conference if Peace raises the most money.

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