"Noises Off" Comes to Peace

WPU Theater Noises Off poster

The William Peace Theatre had their opening night for the musical Noises OFF on Feb. 16, directed by Wade Newhouse, an English professor at William Peace University.
The 1982 comedy by Michael Frayn, is based on a comedy with lots physical comedy, lots of slamming doors and noises.
“The entire show is another show inside of one show,” says Sai Graham, a senior at Peace. “All of the actors are putting on a show, so you get to see what is going on in the show as well as backstage, the entire set turns.”
Although it may seem like all the cast members have their ducks in a row, a few give the play a run for its money.
“I play Selsdon Mowbray in the play, and he’s a very drunk old character, he basically has no idea what he’s doing throughout the entire play,” Graham said. “He’s been acting for a few years, but I think he has gotten to the point where he knows what he is doing, so he doesn’t take it as serious as other actors.”
The audience and spectators really enjoyed that fact that that you have the ability to see backstage throughout the play.
“Overall the play was very funny and the actors were great,” said Brittany Bass, a senior. “As a spectator I wasn’t sure what to expect from the play. You really get the inside scoop of all the parts because the entire set flips, so you get to see behind stage as well.”

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