Students Have Mixed Reactions to New President

William Peace University students have reacted in different ways to the 2016 election of Donald Trump 0ver Hillary Clinton.

“My immediate reaction to the election was disbelief. It felt like a nightmare,” said Rachel Ulozas, a senior at Peace. “I couldn’t believe people would vote for, and actually allow to win, someone with such a complete disregard for basic human rights and decency.”

Other students felt as though the election will be a learning process and hope that America chose the right candidate to lead the country.

“I really hope we do have change, because if not we are going to struggle for four years,” said Aron Crumb, a senior at Peace.

Elizabeth Kusko, a political scientist and professor at William Peace University, examined the election closely while also interacting with her students. Despite the conflict that resulted from the election, she said it also allowed students to be more engaged.

“Students are way more invested than they’ve been,” Kusko said. “Some students are angry and some are scared.”

The election became an important topic to the majority of students on campus since the beginning of the campaigns in 2016.

“I was very appalled and honestly depressed. I stand with Hillary and was very shocked when Trump started winning more states,” said Amanda Terry, a senior at Peace.

As a result of the elections, many protests and riots have occurred. There were Americans that support Trump, but there were also American’s that don’t.

The President of the United States stands for unity and democracy and some people are outraged by his leadership style.

“We see unilateral decision-making and that is not democracy,” Kusko said. “Unilateral decision-making is literally the opposite of democracy. It’s authoritarianism. That’s scary and frightening.”

While many American’s have taken their anger out in protests, other American’s have used protests as a means to advocate for their rights as not only an American but as a human being.

Marches like the Women’s March on Raleigh were an example of local citizens advocating for women’s rights.

While many have taken to the streets to advocate for rights, others felt that the protests and riots have been a negative thing.

Students want the protests to come to an end because they feel that it is not helping the situation.

“I hope that this country stops with all of the riots and protests. I hope we finally come together as a country,” said Crumb.

While many feel that the riots and protests are a negative thing, others believe that they represent advocating for human rights.

“I really believe in activism. I really believe in standing up for what you think is right and fair. Just go out there and protest… March… Yes,” said Kusko.

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