William Peace University Presents “Here and Now”

WPU theater students on stage at Keenan Hall

William Peace University recently held their second dance concert. Entitled Here and Now,” the show was held on Sunday, March 18 at  in Kenan Auditorium. 
The show included choreography from five professionals, three alumni and six students; some were works from Peace’s dance team, the Prancing Pacers.
Students who are participating in this concert come from various classes and majors to show their skills in an evening of creativity and fun,”  said theatre and musical theatre assistant professor, Amy White.
At the beginning of this semester, dance auditions were held for anyone who wanted to be in the dance concert. Students at Peace had been working hard to bring this concert together for an evening full of art, inspiration, and entertainment.
Students from Peace who participated in the dance concert put in a lot of work to make it happen. Some of them expressed why it is important to come see the dance concert and what participating in this event means to them.
This is my second time in the dance concert,said sophomore Brenna Coogan. It is a gathering of people from all over the school coming together for one purpose and thats beautiful.
Senior Katie Beth Jenkins also participated in last year’s dance concert.
I love working with new directors/choreographers, and students who aren’t in the theatre department,said Jenkins. We have a variety of pieces with students from all over campus. Its different from a lot of other things we do on campus and its great to experience new kinds of art.”  
Even though watching different dances is entertaining and inspirational, the minds behind the dances are just as entertaining and inspirational. To be able to choreograph and then teach different dances to students takes creativity and special choreographers.
Some of the choreographersstyles are very different and so even to watch that, not just being in those pieces, is cool and important to broaden your horizons,said Jenkins.  
This concert was a perfect way to spend an evening back on campus after spring break. Admission was free, and it was a way to support the arts and the students who are participating in the concert without having to worry about spending money.
“This is the second year for this concert, but hopefully not the last,” said White. “We in Peace’s performing arts department hope that all students recognize the joy dancing can incite and will continue to participate in classes, performances, and workshops.”

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