Senior Farewell: “The Kid From Dreamville”

Jaylan Vance playing basketball at WPU

By Rakeem Williams

Senior student athlete Jaylan Vince has accomplished a lot in his seemingly short time here at Peace.

A Texas native moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina also known as “Dreamville”. He attended 71st high school before his collegiate career.

A player who could’ve easily gone division 2 possibly 1, took full advantage of being apart of the basketball program here. Committing to a only then 2 year old program.

Never complacent with being basic, Vince challenged himself everyday to accomplish history while bettering his teammates around him.

Majoring in Criminal Justice, he took his grades just as serious as he took the ball going through the hoop. He ensured nothing stopped him from being on court as much as possible.

Something Jaylan proclaimed he didn’t take “as serious” in high school.

While being here he raised the bar, setting the school season record for most assists (124), averaging 5.2 a game. Numbers good enough to put him 1st in the USA South conference, and 36th nationally.

Also being apart of the program’s longest winning streak to start the season, while dunking effortlessly at any opportunity. He made it all seem too easy.

While the season ended shortly of what the goal expected, Vince used the career ending time to reflect.

After the game ended and they headed to the locker room, Jaylan stated “I sat in the locker room with my jersey on for about 25 minutes.” Just another example of his passion for the game.

He’s has had many highlights on and off court, even meeting fellow dreamville citizen and worldwide musician, J. Cole.

Though his time here is near an end, we still have to question: Which is brighter, his smile above or his future? Only time will tell, but until then we can only expect our fellow pacer to keep on pacing.

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