Peace Street Area Undergoes Construction

There has been a large amount of construction going on around William Peace University lately. The City of Raleigh can take the blame for some of that.
Now, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is replacing two bridges in downtown Raleigh near campus. The bridge on Capital Boulevard that runs over Peace Street and the bridge on Wade Avenue that runs over Capital Blvd will both be replaced, and changes will be made to Peace Street itself in a project that will begin in late September.
During construction, all business in the affected areas will remain open and accessible and Capital and Peace will be open to traffic from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, with closures possible between midnight and 5 a.m.
The northbound lanes of Capital Blvd will remain open with only some lane restrictions, while the southbound lanes will be closed and traffic detoured, according to the transportation department. 
This is great for some businesses, but not for all. Finch’s Restaurant, a famous local restaurant located from in the middle of the two bridges, has decided to close down permanently, due to these renovations. The restaurant was built in 1940 and was very popular to Peace Street.
“I think it’s a good thing that they are redoing the bridges, but being that I don’t live on campus, it effects my communication to and from school,” said Randall Haskins.
The bridge on Capital over Peace Street was built in 1948 and is the most traveled gateway into downtown Raleigh. Additionally, the Wade Avenue bridge over Capital Blvd was built in 1954, so upgrades are definitely needed, according to the transportation department. 
“It causes a lot of confusion coming into downtown,” said Taylor Peatross. “I don’t drive, but I have family members that do and they don’t like coming around the area, due to the confusion.”
The City of Raleigh approved the project in August of 2012, and Zachry, a Morrisville-based contractor will be heading the completion of the project. The entire project is estimated to take about three years to complete. This could cause a lot of problems for the Peace community in the future.

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