Senioritis Hits Hard

It’s that time again when every senior is so tired of going to school every day, and doing projects and papers and all of the other school work that they have to do. Being tired all the time and not caring about school is an actual disease. That disease is called senioritis, and senioritis is a real thing. Every senior has it. If a senior tells you they do not have senioritis they are lying.
Every senior knows that graduation is coming up and they get to move on with our lives. We get to go through new journeys to a new stage in our lives, one that none of us are actually ready for but we say “Hell Yeah!” and “Bring it on.” We as seniors have no idea what is next for us.
We will all have a new stress that life will bring us. It will no longer be 10-page papers or group projects that you have to do by yourself. The stressors will consist of having to pay bills, having to adjust to life, and having to be an adult. We can all say we are ready for the next stage in our lives, but let’s be honest- we aren’t. We are all running scared and trying to let the last few weeks of our college lives be great.
Hunter Allen, a senior baseball player says “Senioritis is definitely a real disease that seems to hit especially hard second half of your last semester of senior year. You start to see class sizes dwindle and you start to really consider just how important that 2-point homework really is.”
Allen has a point, seniors are at that stage where we are doing just enough to get by and doing what we can in order to graduate. A lot of seniors are not going to class because we don’t really need to, all of our class work is on Moodle and we couldn’t figure that out 3 years ago. Now that we are older and wiser our stress levels are down. We are at that point where we just don’t care anymore and we are just trying to get credits for a class.
Allen says “At this point everybody is more focused on walking across that stage at graduation and their future career then actually sitting in class.”
Senioritis is real. We have no motivation to do any work, or go to class for that matter. We sit in class everyday day dreaming about other things and not paying attention in class. It is that point in the semester where seniors have to grind out the rest of the semester to pull their grades up. a lot of us are doing just enough to get by.
About 2 weeks ago seniors got their cap and gowns and WPU staff really thinks that seniors want to do any work now that we are one step closer to graduation.
In order to prevent senioritis is to keep grinding and keep doing work. Another way to prevent senioritis is if you, as a person, actually enjoy going to school.

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