MoogFest: The Collaboration of Technology and Music

Durham has become the home of MoogFest since it left Asheville in 2016. Its goal is to cultivate an environment for futurists, wanting to embrace radical ideas and emerging sounds for change. It was named after the late Robert Moog, an American pioneer for electronic music who studied electrical engineering and physics. He used his education to create new tools for artists and collaborated with artist, inspiring others.
His spirit of collaboration and his genius for electronically designed instruments continues throughout the veins of MoogFest. Started in 2004, MoogFest started as a semi-annual celebration of Moog’s work. In 2010, MoogFest moved to Asheville and became a multi-venue festival. Its goal is present an artistic awakening, venturing outside the top 40 and experiments with art to showcases wondrous ideas.
This year, MoogFest is continuing the embrace of its new home in Durham, NC throughout May 18th to May 21st.  With past performers like M.I.A. of “Paper Planes” fame and Pet Shop Boys, this year the lineup includes Grammy Award winning artist Gotye, Michael Stipe, the lead singer of R.E.M, and local rapper Zensofly.
MoogFest, in tradition of the collective artistry promoted by Robert Moog, will hold daily keynote speakers with philosophers, futurists, and visionary artists. “Everything has some consciousness, and we tap into that. It’s about energy at its most basic level,” the MoogFest website quoted Robert Moog.  This is where the Techno-Shamanism event will come into play as it looks to intertwine a “shamanic” practice in art and science. It looks for answers to questions of exploring rituals of trance in context of electronic music. Also, included in the festival is a showcase of instrument builders, showing off their innovative evolution of musical instruments.
One of the great things for students of William Peace is that there is so much around the school to explore. It welcomes the opportunity to extend education outside the school. Things like MoogFest being a few miles away can help enlighten and inspire future artists attending the school, and also to make connections for inspiring musicians and to offer great content for photographers.
Tickets are currently available for the festival, but volunteers are wanted as well. With volunteering comes the ability to attend the $250-1500 tickets for free. A $99 deposit is needed for security that volunteers complete their 16 hours of service needed. Once over, the money will be refunded. The opportunity would be a good for Communication students of William Peace University to add experience to their resumes. The inner working of a large-scale music festival in Durham would give added heft for a resume.
You can learn more about the festival on its website,, where tickets and the full line up can be found.

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