Peace Baseball Strikes Out Cancer

sitting male baseball players

By Tyler Klinedinst

The William Peace University baseball team paired with Vs cancer to shave their heads in support for cancer after their final home game against Greensboro College.

After defeating Greensboro in their final game of the season and punching their ticket to the USA South conference tournament for the first time in program history, the team turned to the picnic area to get their heads shaved by a local Sports Clips.

All 35 players of the Peace Baseball team were in attendance and received a shaving of the bald variety to support cancer. The Pacers not only cut their hair to show their support for cancer but also raised an impressive $4,000 to support the cause. Team members shared their fundraiser via social media as well as verbally throughout the Peace community.

Each player was asked to raise $100 or to speak with 10 people about donating to this great cause in order to reach the team goal which was three thousand dollars as a whole. The Pacers got to work quick, seeing to it that as a team they had already raised over one thousand dollars collectively in the first 24 hours.

The team was very excited about being able to support and help this great cause as you can see by their final amount of donations. The Peace baseball team is not the only team on campus to have supported this great cause. The Peace Basketball team shaved their heads while pairing with the Vs. Cancer foundation last year as well.

Junior Pitcher Jayce Stephenson had nothing but positive things to say following his new cut at the field.

“Nothing beat the feeling of clinching a postseason berth and supporting a great cause that is dear to me and my family,” he said.
Junior Pitcher Ben Brann also had a few things to say following his haircut and supporting the Vs. Cancer foundation.

“I am always supportive of foundations and events like this.,” Brann said. “My grandfather has survived cancer twice, so I feel a deep connection to anyone who has experienced the negative effects of cancer.”

Junior Outfielder Travis Arthur seemed to have enjoyed his hair more than most on the team.

“Although I do enjoy my hair and I am not super excited about losing it, I know that those who suffer from cancer probably enjoyed theirs, too, and who am I to say no to cutting my hair if they can’t?” he said. “I was more than willing to shave my head for such a great cause and am beyond proud that our team was able to raise the amount of money we did to support the cause as a whole.”

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