Future Students Visit Peace

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William Peace University hosted its first ever Admitted Students Day on Friday April 7.  This is a day where students that have been accepted into Peace have an opportunity to explore and experience different areas of the campus and classrooms.
“The goal of having Admitted Students day is to provide an authentic event that gives admitted students a taste of what campus life is like at Peace,” said Director of Admissions Joshua Bistromowitz.
WPU admissions wanted to make sure that there were many different groups, clubs and people that participated in this day and they succeeded.
The ribbon cutting took place at 11:30 a.m. that Friday morning. As the students and their parents gathered together they were able to meet and interact with WPU’s mascot, Phantom the Pacer. Once everyone was there, President Brian Ralph gave a speech along with the new athletic director Phil Rowe, and the SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) President Breanna Cary.
Each person gave their thoughts on the new athletic center and expressed how excited they were for everyone to use the new space. Extra emphasis was added to show how the new center is not just for the student athletes, but for the everyday student as well.
“I am so happy that new students were able to see the brand new Pacer Performance Center,” said junior SGA member Lindsay Perry. “I think this is a great selling point on campus now and it’s so cool being able to show off this amazing facility.”
After the ribbon cutting each student and their parents were allowed to walk through and see teachers and athletes working out in the center.  The strength and conditioning center is a huge selling factoring now. The building also boosts student involvement on campus which is much needed as a small university like WPU.
The Orientation Leaders for the 2017 Pacer Camp were in the Belk Court yard where they were able to play corn hole with each other and the new students. They were also able to take pictures with props and simply ask questions.
There were quite a few parents and incoming first years that stopped and ask some tough questions about Peace. Some of the Orientation Leaders were able to make connections with them by talking and getting to know the student and parents. Talking about where you are from is one of the most used questions when starting a conversation to get to know someone on campus.
“I thought that a day of socializing and familiarizing themselves allowed the students to get more comfortable on campus,” said sophomore Orientation Leader Payton Weller.
After talking and hanging out with the Orientation Leaders everyone was invited to watch Wheelchair Basketball in the Herman Athletic Center. There everyone was able to see President Ralph play along with athletes and everyday students. This event was a great event for the new students to attend, because it showed them that there are many things to participate in on campus.
“I really enjoyed the game, it was nice to not only see those that are in wheelchairs, but my friends playing to,” said freshman volleyball player Mya Parks. “Everyone was so enthusiastic about the whole game and it was pretty cool seeing the President of the university out there as well.”
One of the last things the Class of 2021 students were able to participate in was an Honors talk. These moms and dads along with their children were able to not only enjoy a wonderful chocolate fountain, but were able to meet with five different honors students. They were able to learn that you can be in the Honors Program while being a student athlete, an average person, a person that is active on campus.
“I think we were able to relate to these students on a whole different level, compared to professors,” said Weller. “This is because we have gone through the program and can give a perspective as a student versus the professor.”
Overall the day was filled with lots of activities and meant to showcase how great WPU is. Having Admitted Students Day is not only great for getting high school seniors to commit to Peace, but is also a great way to advertise the school.
“I wish that I had this type of experience as an incoming freshman,” said Weller. “The next time we will see most of these students is during Pacer Camp. And that is going to be an absolute blast.”

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