Welcome to WPU: New Faculty Fall 2017

Dr. Kate Maddalena, Assistant Director of Writing

The new academic year is underway with seven new full-time faculty members on campus this fall. With great enthusiasm and an encouraging attitude, they are making a difference and helping the students of Peace achieve great things that is the primary goal for these new members of the Pacer family.

  • Brian Aurand, CPA, Assistant Professor of Business
  • John Eze, DBA, Assistant Professor of Business
  • Caleb Husmann, DA, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Janelle Jennings-Alexander, Assistant Professor of English
  • Elizabeth Lange, Ed.D, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Kate Maddalena, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Writing
  • Marti Maguire, Assistant Professor of Communication

With Peace’s already highly experienced and involved faculty, the new additions on campus introduce a new vibe and excitement for this academic year. With them also comes many new and intriguing courses, majors, and minors for students.
According to Dr. Charles Duncan, vice president for Academic Affairs, the new faculty brings “more than three dozen years of teaching experience and, more importantly, they’re excited to be here to join our already-outstanding faculty in teaching and mentoring our students.” He stated this when interviewed for the William Peace University website.
With the many years of experience and fresh ideas for the university, the new professors bring a great new energy and enthusiasm that is sure to help the school reach new academic heights.
An increased level of diversity is also added with these new faculty members joining the Peace family this semester and year, as they all have great plans and goals for the school and their classes, to help make the university the best that it can be.
Dr. Kate Maddalena’s goal as a new faculty member, coming from teaching at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, is mainly focused on getting to know the school, its staff and faculty, and the students in all her classes.
“This is my first, as student or faculty, first foray into a very small private school, so understanding that culture and how I can best help Peace become better, because the faculty are always trying to make the institution better, so [my goal is] how to work for the university,” said Dr. Maddalena.
Having received her Ph.D at North Carolina State University and with her previous experience in her expertise, Dr. Maddalena, is ready to help teach, mentor, and help make a difference here at Peace.
“It is very new to me, but I am liking it a lot. I like the size [of Peace]. One of the reasons I came here was to work with undergraduate students,” said Dr. Maddalena.
WPU has a bright future ahead with its new full-time faculty, that seems to all want to be largely involved in not only academics, but also athletics, and clubs or organizations.
We all know that the seven will all bring great, new and different assets to the table this academic year in their fields of study, but in addition, they will also be assisting in adding to the size and culture that is Peace.

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