Good Taste at Peace?

Sandela's Cafe at 2nd Belk, WPU

By Larimer Lexine

School food has always been synonymous with terror and disgust. College was seen as a way to move away from the “horrors” of grade school, food included. While many students at their colleges are content with the options that they are given, some feel as if they’re stuck right back at square one- with inedible food options and a small selection to choose from.

William Peace University is no different; while the food options that are served in the Belk Dining Hall may seem fine to some,  many feel as if it can improve greatly.

“It could be better, there aren’t a lot of options for vegetarians, and there aren’t a lot of options just for people in general,”  said  Kassie Burton, a sophomore at Peace. “It’s not terrible, but it’s also not enough to keep people satisfied.”

Gloria Smith, a freshman at Peace, has similar feelings about the food: “There’s not enough variety.”

Now, the students might actually see the improvement they’ve been craving due to the new dining option that Peace has introduced. Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe is an alternative option for students located in the new 24-hour student hub in Belk. With options like flatbreads, wraps, and quesadillas, it is pretty clear why students are gravitating towards the second floor.

“We now have an option if we can’t get access to the dining hall, so that makes it more accessible,” said Burton, “but in a way, it’s really not that accessible since it’s not open on the weekends.” Smith thinks that the addition is “better than the cafe, but it’s money that I don’t want to spend.”

While the introduction of Sandella’s to Peace has been met with positive feedback, it can be said that students feel that there can be some improvements.

Burton and Smith offered plenty of suggestions, like more options for vegetarians or vegans, more variety of food, and special meal options for people with certain allergies or food restrictions, such as lactose intolerance.

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