2017/2018 SGA Board

SGA officers for 2017-2018

The school year has officially started and the representation of the student body has been busy planning a successful year of excitement for William Peace University students.
Here’s what this year’s leadership has to say about their plans:

  • SGA President Ameera Khattah believes SGA is a governing body whose mission is to serve its students. It should be an organization that advocates for all students and enhance their development at Peace. “SGA is hard at work to ensure that students voices will be heard, we are coming up with ways to give students greater roles in the decision making process that goes on in SGA,” Khattah said. “We are so excited for what’s in store for Peace.”
  • Vice President Ryan Echavarria: “WPU students can expect a huge remodeling of what SGA stands for when it comes to transparency and letting the students of WPU be heard in order to better the atmosphere of campus life,”
  • Chief Administration officer Nasjere Williams: “People can expect the SGA board to integrate other forms of Student Leadership to take a more active role in their experience at WPU.”
  • Chief Financial Officer Patrick Ralph: “This year’s executive board is committed to keeping Peace unique while enhancing it vibrancy through student involvement and engagement. Everything has come together perfectly this year, and that gives us plenty of opportunities to create a fun and exciting campus at Peace”.
  • Traditions Coordinators Payton Weller: “The student body can expect the similar traditions at Peace. I will ensure these traditions be done in such a way that benefits current WPU students while still honoring Peace Alumni.”

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