New (School)Year Resolutions

Pacers gather around fountain.

It’s not 2018 yet but a new year has started for schools and universities across the nation. When Peace began classes on Aug. 23, students were looking forward to what the fall semester would bring and had high hopes for what they could accomplish.
Just like New Year’s Resolutions, some students have a list of goals for the new school year. Setting goals is really important and can definitely lead to a more successful semester. Some freshman are worried about making friends while other senior students are only focused on finishing their last year at Peace to graduate. Check out the New (School)Year Resolutions of some Pacers:

  • Rennissa Reichardson, Sophomore – “To obtain a 3.5 GPA; make friends.”
  • Endeja Carter, Freshman – “Become a part of many organizations within [our] community and maintain a good GPA.”
  • Jalen Jamison, Senior – “To graduate on time.”
  • Hannah Ericksen, Junior – “Double major in communications and business while graduating on time with a 3.7 GPA or higher.”
  • Pat Donovin, Sophomore – “Obtain a 4.0 GPA.”
  • Anthony William, Junior – “Stay focused and keep GPA steady.”
  • Quashaun Holloman, Sophomore – “Become successful.”
  • Whitney Walker, Junior – “4.0 GPA.”
  • Parker Lewier, Junior – “Stay focused and pass all my classes.”
  • Jonas Monanteras, Senior – “Make projects that I can show off to companies.”
  • Richard “Drew” Miller, Sophomore – “Make a 3.0 GPA and win Conference with Men’s Lacrosse.”
  • Zach James Morgan, Junior – “Hopefully run my own restaurant one day.”
  • DeAnte Taylor, Junior – “Obtain a 3.0 GPA.”
  • Derrius Jones, Junior – “Bring up [my] GPA.”
  • Alex Velasquez, Junior – “3.0 GPA and conference championship for Soccer.”
  • Maxwell Owens, Sophomore – “4.0 GPA and golf conference championship appearance.”

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