Faith and OUR Flag

Cross and American Flag flying in the wind

Lord have mercy-I know, but someone has to speak up to these millennials.
Before I get started, remember one word through reading this: perspective.  
The US Flag is a symbol of the many freedoms we are blessed with. It symbolizes sacrifices made by brave men and women throughout history in order for OUR country to earn the right to fly it.
“Every part of our history-the good and the bad- it [the flag] represents all Americans and the progress we have made since our founding. All the men and women who have fought and continue to fight to protect and preserve our great nation-I salute you”, sophomore, Clay Griffith said.
The United States flag is part of history, but that is what is great about it- it is history. We can change and move forward and do better. You can not erase history no matter how much you kneel or skip the anthem. If you want change, stand up and make that change, do not give the media more fuel for a fight- it is fighting the wrong thing.
Nonetheless, we have lost our faith in a busy and chaotic world when now is the crucial time to cling to our faith.
“Faith and the flag go hand in hand because we are ‘One Nation, Under God’, and that is the faith from which we are built,” U.S. Army vet. and senior Brandon Fessey said. We ultimately have the right to worship however we choose, but we should never forget our roots.”
If the individuals that kneeled or did not show the flag respect in a different country, they would be killed or punished…how about that for your “need of more freedom or your need of attention”?
“Personally, I feel it is not the correct form of protest. Why disgrace the whole flag, or our national anthem and all the people who protect and fight for it?
“No one will always agree with everything the justice system does or enforces, but to disagree with a part of our current system or history and then turn that into a protest about the whole flag and our national anthem, especially knowing what that means to Americans, is wrong”, Griffith said.
You can kneel or do whatever you want because of the national anthem and the flag of the USA-do you not get that?
Men and women are fighting so we can continue to do whatever we think is “right”.  But what even is “right” now, because everyone’s perspectives are controversial and different-perspective.
“I hope to see positive change in our justice system through actual actions with a plan, and I would support that individual to the fullest extent,” Griffith said. “I can’t get behind a movement that disrespects American heroes of all backgrounds, races, and social economic status.”
What are you kneeling for, because the only person or thing I will kneel for is the one almighty God.

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