Having a Bad Roommate?

Whether it’s your first year or second year, we’ve all had our fair share of good and bad roommates. Having a bad roommate doesn’t necessarily mean you two always argue, it could be that you two don’t communicate as much. If you are one of those that don’t have a good roommate, there are a few things you could do.

  • Talk: try asking them how their day was, or if they would like to go get lunch/dinner. Or if there is any tension then actually talk to each other to see how to solve the problem. Accept solutions, or alter them until you both can compromise.
  • Hang out with each other: go to school events, games, clubs, downtown Raleigh, gym together. Do something with one another to gain that bond!!
  • Have a third-party: bring a third-party to help situate any existing problems between you two. You can also bring in a third-party to help bring your roommate out of his comfort zone to be more outgoing.
  • Resident Assistants: you can always ask your RA for help with your roommate
  • If all else fails: if you have tried everything and you still can’t come to a middle ground with your roommate, you can always apply to have a new roommate. An email will be sent out to every student that would like to request a new roommate.

Best of luck Pacers!

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