Five 90’s Costume Ideas

The 90’s were a time filled with crimped hair, Dunkaroos, Lisa Frank, VHS tapes, and the fear of Y2K. With Halloween right around the corner, relive the 90’s with these totally throwback costumes:
1. Buffy
Emulate the “chosen one” of Sunnydale, CA with this costume inspired by the popular television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Being made in the 90’s, most of the looks used in the series featured leather pants, turtlenecks, and leather trench coats. One of the outfits most associated with the character Buffy Summers includes red leather pants and a black top, preferably a tank top. You can finish off the look with a pair of black leather boots, a black patent leather trench coat, as well as a wooden stake (one that is not too pointed, of course).
2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
You do not have to be born and raised in West Philadelphia to dress up as the Fresh Prince for this Halloween. Most of Will’s clothing on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” consisted of oversized, colorful, and patterned t-shirts with baggy pants. And a cap as well. One costume that can be done is his intro outfit: a neon yellow and blue cap, a yellow and green top with blue shorts.
3. The Craft
You can be a weirdo too with this costume inspired by the film “The Craft”. The “coven” in the film attended a Catholic high school, so their clothing was a rebellious interpretation of the uniform. A simple costume would be a high waisted green and blue plaid skirt, a white button down top, with black leather boots. Witchy makeup can help sell the look, or you can opt for a more “edgy” approach, with a green and blue plaid mini-skirt or a black leather mini skirt, white button down top, and layered necklaces.
4. Clueless
Be a total 90’s queen bee with this costume inspired by the film “Clueless”. This classic film featured some amazing 90’s trends, and even started a few on their own. Create a costume based on one of the most well known looks worn by Cher: matching yellow plaid jacket and skirt, a cropped yellow sweater vest with a white button down top. You can finish the look with white knee high stockings and black shoes.
5. Spice Girls
Spice up your life with a group costume idea, inspired by the 90’s girl group Spice Girls. Each member had a certain personality that was generally shown through their outfit choices. A Posh Spice costume could consist of a simple black strapless minidress, equipped with a simple (yet stylish) pair of heels and a sleek dark bob. You can channel Scary Spice with an animal print crop top and black skinny jeans with platform boots, paired with cat ear headbands. Ginger Spice could be channeled through a leotard (any color) and platform boots, or you opt for a red crop top, red shorts, and a red wig. A Baby Spice costume can be achieved with a pink or white minidress, wedge sneakers, and high pigtails. Sporty Spice would be an easy costume, all you need is a pair of track pants and a sports bra (or a crop top) complete with a high ponytail and a pair of comfortable sneakers.

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