Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Rack of Halloween costumes at store

Every year on the 31st of October you can guarantee you will see costume clad individuals everywhere you go. From office costume contests and trick-or-treating to haunted houses and Halloween parties the reasons to need a costume are endless. But, what if you wait until the last-minute and all the good costumes are gone? That is where DIY can help.
Just because you made your costume last-minute does not mean it has to be terrible! Caylan Harrison, a sophomore at William Peace University, was extremely impressed by her friends creativity with their costumes last year.
“Last year, a few of my friends on the softball team, dressed up a like as pineapple, a strawberry and a watermelon. It was really cute they had the t-shirts and put the spots on there and wore like pineapple hats,” said Harrison.
The key to any last-minute DIY projects is to combine household staples with cheap props. This not only keeps the cost of your costume down but eliminates wasting time going from store to store to get your supplies.
Here are four super easy last-minute costumes you can make yourself.

  1. Beauty Queen – This costume really is a classic. Still have that old homecoming or prom dress in the closet? Finally, another chance to wear that expensive dress! Pair the dress with cute (but comfortable) shoes, a toy tiara, and a homemade “Miss Halloween” sash for a winning costume. Guys can be Prince for the evening with a suit, toy crown, and a Mr. Halloween sash to match.
  2. Social Butterfly – Do your friends know you as the outgoing one? Consider being a “social butterfly” this Halloween by buying a pair of costume wings and printing out various social media sites logos to tape onto your clothes. This costume is a pun that is sure to get a few laughs.
  3. Pirate – The pirate is another classic that is super easy to put together last minute. Dark clothing, boots, a toy sword, and pirate hat. Then you are ready to walk out the door. Add a feather to your hat for that extra touch that says – “I did not just make this an hour ago.”
  4. Vampire – Being a vampire is probably one of the easiest costumes to make and wear last-minute. You can go as simple as just fake vampire teeth or you can step it up with dark clothes, a cape and maybe even some fake blood for a creepy effect.

Of course, to make any of these costumes there are the few key supplies that distinguish your everyday clothes from a Halloween costume.
“If you want to make one of those you have to have materials at your disposal,” said Kyana Ayscue, a freshman at Peace.
If you have waited this long and do not want to spend money for a super expensive new costume you can get these little accessories from stores like Dollar Tree, where all items are only $1. You might find a cat set, a devil set, a sword, or a fairy wand so get creative and show off your last-minute costume.

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