Stranger Things Season 2 Review


Coming off of the smashing success that was season one of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, season two has arrived with much hype and anticipation. Was season one a fluke? Can they capture the same magic in season two? No, season one was not a fluke and yes, they have captured that same magic that made so many people fall in love with the first season. Season two is able to ride the same successes of season one and then mold itself into something unique and truly incredible.
Season two sees the group of boys in a good place after the events of season one. They all get together and have fun at the arcade and all seems well. Except for the fact that Will (Noah Schnapp), one of the boys, has not truly shaken the effects of the Upside Down, an alternate dimension established in season 1. Will sees visions of the Upside Down constantly and it’s these visions that set off the plot of season two.
All of the cast across the board is fantastic yet again. Hopper (David Harbour) brings the same toughness and tenderness that he had in season one. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is the same fun and lovable kid you remember from season one and he continues to be a scene-stealer. While all the returning cast members all showed up to play here, there were two members of the cast who really stood out this season. Noah Schnapp really steps up this season as Will, a character who was mostly absent from season one. He has to carry a lot of the emotional moments throughout this season, as well as pull off some truly terrifying moments that will leave you with chills. The other character who really shined this season was Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). Steve started out season one as the douchey cool kid that every girl was trying to go for, but as the season progressed it showed that Steve wasn’t that bad of a guy and he ends up helping the other characters out in the end. Season two finds Steve being a responsible and likeable guy who ends up having a great relationship with all of the kids and is seen as a “babysitter” to them. His banter and budding friendship with Dustin is some of the best dialogue of the season and makes one long for a buddy-cop series featuring the two of them.
Most of what season two does is bigger and better than much of season one, but also gives the audience the quieter moments that were sprinkled throughout the first season. Season two follows in the footsteps of other classic sequels that are widely regarded as better than their predecessors. It is The Empire Strikes Back of this series thus far. Even the epilogue to finish of the season was bolder and left us with more of a bang than season one’s stinger. Stranger Things season two largely hits all of the right notes required of a series’ second season. It takes more risks and pays off in almost every way. Stranger Things season two cements this series as being the best that Netlfix has to offer.The only disappointment that I had leaving season two was that I had to wait another year for the next season.

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