Options for WPU Vegans

Signs at the dining hall

It is not uncommon for universities to accommodate students with various diets, whether it’s an allergy or choice.
However, Finn McGrady, freshman at William Peace University, sometimes finds his meal options very limited.
“Being in college and a vegan has been a struggle, here my meal options are limited,” said McGrady.
McGrady has been a vegan since February. However, a year prior he was a vegetarian. When McGrady was touring WPU just last year, he was concerned about the issue of his vegan diet. McGrady is on the WPU Lacrosse team, and tries to make sure he gets as much calories and protein as he can.
“When touring, my coach told me cafe would make adjustments for me. However, it still was a concern of mine,” said McGrady. 
WPU tries to reach out to students for feedback, but due to lack of participation, their hands are often tied.
“WPU has a food committee if more attend it would be great. Through there we would be able to see potential options,” said Yasmine (Yazi)  Wright marketing coordinator.
WPU has food committee meetings that are held on the second Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be Feb. 13.
Wright is now trying to plan new ways that not only for vegan, but as well as gluten-free, vegetarian, organic, and local food meal options for students.
“Next semester WPU dining will have the Mindful station. The station will include vegan, vegetarian, organic, local, and gluten free meal options,” said Wright.
WPU tries to accommodate a vegan meal for all three meals. Vegan students have the option of a salad, soup, hot entrée, and fruit. Dining tries to include at least one hot entrée for all vegan and vegetarian meals.
On days dining could be serving tacos, there is an option of veggie tacos as well. On fried chicken days, dining will include tofu for vegan students.
“What can be frustrating about trying to accommodate other students is the lack of participation and communication,” said Wright.
WPU students have the option of going onto wpu.sodexomyway.com to look at different meal options, menus, and give feedback on meal options.
Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine,” according to wpu.sodexomyway.com.
Through Sodexo students can look at the different meal options that will be served for the month and a variety of dining options on campus.
Students have the option of not only eating at Belk Dining but as well as Sandella’s, located on the second floor of Belk.
Sandella’s offers different meal options that fit for vegan diets, such as wraps, flatbreads, and the latest rice-bowls.
“[This] semester not only will the Mindful station be added, but we would also like to choose a student each month to give us a recipe that can be made for other students,” said Wright.
With the new updates, meal options, and possibly more attendance at committee meetings, students could possibly have a better variety of meals. .
“Please come out and get involved, any questions or suggestions please contact me at yasmine.wright@sodexo.com” said Wright.

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