What Happens When The Government Shuts Down?

Every once in a while the Government needs to shut down in order for everyone to clear their heads. Yet, noone seems to truly understand what actually happens.
Growing up military, I never really understood what it actually meant for the Government to “shut down”.
Yet, I did seem to understand why my parents might worry if my grandparents would not get the things that they needed during the shutdown.
“I remembered back in 2013 when the Government was shut down and there always being a thought in the back of my parent’s mind, what could actually happen if this continued,” said freshman of William Peace University, Alex Willie.
There are many students that attend WPU who do have military backgrounds-where it be them or a family member. If the Government did shutdown for a long period of time, them and their families could be affected.
Even if you think that the shutdown did not affect you by any means…. you are sadly mistaken. If you wanted to apply for a job during the shutdown-you couldn’t.
If the organization, you wanted to work for was government funded, they legally could not hire you in a shutdown. It’s not only the military that is affected by the shutdown-it’s you and others as well.
“Fortunately, my family was not affected by the shutdown, due to my father retiring a couple of years ago. However, we did know someone who was affected,” said WPU freshman, Colton Jackson.
Jackson goes on to explains that one of his friends from his hometown, Jacksonville NC, works on the Camp Lejeune base and did not work for four days straight.
“My friends’ work site for the I.S.S on base was closed and during that time he did not get paid for four days of work,” said Jackson.
During a government shutdown not only do Veterans or active duty personal not get paid, but on top of that, they can not use their benefits.
During the 16-day shutdown back in 2013, some of my family members couldn’t even go to the doctor, due to the inactivity of the Government.
Another thing to worry about in a government shutdown is how much our economy can lose. Luckily, this past shutdown was only four days. During the 16-day shutdown, billions of dollars were lost in 2013.
“During the shutdown, some people still did get paid. It depended upon their circumstances. Back home, the Marines still go to work, yet they just do not know when they will get paid,” said Jackson.
If the Government shuts down sometimes it is for the best. In a way it’s like congress is taking a break and just reconvening for the better.
Sometimes our leaders need that time to better for our country, yet it can cost so many people. It’s not only money or benefits, but it’s also someone’s job that might be at stake as well.
“Luckily, this past shutdown was not major. However, I do not know what the results would be if we have a repeat of 2013. I don’t think we could handle anything like that again,” said Willie.

Hopefully within our lifetime our country will not experience anything that was like the 16-day shutdown in 2013.
The 2018 shutdown was not as major, yet there is still that taught that carries in the back of everyone’s mind.

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