The Impact of Art on the World

Art comes in many different shapes and forms. Some believe that there is just one simple definition of art itself, but it is actually much more than its definition. Art can take on the forms of music, theatre – even comedy!

The word art, in a sense, has always been thought of as beautiful and/or expressive in the eyes of most artists; whether those artists are musicians, comedians, freelance designers, and so on.

“I like art. My environment. My environment influences what kind of art I do and whether I feel like it accomplishes something,” said Kathy Reinert, an employee of Staples in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Many artists use various types of art to express themselves to the world. Once their material is out there, they are vulnerable to the many opinions and eyes of everyone around them.

So, how does the art that people put out into the world influence others? In fact, does art as a whole influence others at all, whether they are artists or not?

Whenever one asks another about art, most would automatically think of art as drawings and paintings.

Art takes many shapes and forms especially with how the world is more in touch with the creative side of life due to all the comedians, vloggers, and aspiring artists appearing on all types of social media platforms.

Diamond Speight, employee of Staples in Raleigh, NC said, “It [art] influences me to be more creative with my style. Artists have very open personalities. They are very free-spirited, very chill, and nonchalant-and I like that; makes me want to be like that- not so uptight.”

It is clear that what people focus on when they think of “art” automatically shifts to the drawing/painting type of art instead of its many other types and forms.

Jake Hand, another employee of Staples in Raleigh, NC, acknowledges the different forms of art.

“I suppose music is a form of art. Music is my preferred form. Stand-up comedy, I believe, is art.”

Nonetheless, art influences-people, comedy, and music are definitely contributing factors to the inspiration. But it doesn’t just stop there!

Movies and books are other factors that have an influence on people’s’ lives.

Watching reactions to movies, old or new, is the very definition of seeing who is influenced by what they watch on the screen.

The same thing goes for books. People have always been inspired and influenced by good books. Many fans of Stephen King’s books were the main ones that were thrilled and overjoyed to see some of his books be turned into films.


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