High Hopes for New History at Peace

lacrosse players kneel on field in circle

As of the 2017-2018 school year, William Peace University proudly announced that it will be having a men’s lacrosse team — the first in history.
Lacrosse hasn’t been a “top” sport in the area. In fact, Peace is the only college out of 12 around the Triangle, to formally have a NCAA program.
With around 340 recruits and 31 on the team, only 10 players will be on the field at all times from each team.
As far as goals, it is known throughout that the team is to promote positive attitudes for the team, university, and community.
“For us seniors, we are here to build respectful gentlemen,” said Anthony Florian,  WPU senior and captain long stick midfielder.
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Results of the first game on Feb. 10: Montreat 14- Peace 13
Next game: Feb. 21 Lynchburg, Va.
First home game: March 7, vs. Wabash College
Learn more at gopeacepacers.com
“[Head Coach Nate Bates] wants the team to understand the importance of work ethic on and off the field, and [he] encourages players to fight to compete and win,” said WPU junior and communication major Christian Branch. “Bates believes in family bonding, and plans this season to be a season where the players understand that concept.”
“He’s full of energy. He’s passionate for the game, he loves all of us like we were his own, and he respects all of us,” said freshman long stick midfielder, Alec Bynum.
Bates only wants to envision and push for building respectful gentlemen the guys said…it was actually what each one of the guys said when asked “What do you want for this season?”
“I brought in the right kids for the right reasons,” said Coach Bates said. “[It’s] more than wins or loses- it’s being upstanding citizens on our campus and community”.
Another thing that Bynum and Levi Thomas said almost simultaneously was that the goal is all-conference…and we can do it!
To the guys that will be the first players of the game for WPU Pacers, this means everything that they are making history.
According to Bynum, “We will take it game by game. Every game is history…every minute on the field is history”.
The guys have put in a lot of work in with two-a-day Saturdays, putting in blood, sweat, and tears 7 times a week, and with working out on off-season; nonetheless, the MEN are ready.
Even though the Pacers fought a good fight against Montreat College on Saturday, Feb. 10- lessons were learned and taught- and the guys cannot wait to take that advice and apply for the next game.
Ending score: Montreat 14- Peace 13. History has been made ladies and gents. Let’s get ALL CONF! GO PACERS!

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