Netflix vs. Hulu, is Netflix losing its Thunder?

computer with Nextflix on screen

Now I really do love my days where I am completely free. The days where I can just lay across my twin XL bed with my elephant Moe and binge watch a wonderful slew of “Big Mouth” episodes.
However, even though I do love my “Big Mouth”, I just don’t think I want to pay that “Big Mouth” money anymore, nor do most of the students at William Peace University as well.
“It’s not even the shows; Hulu has shows that are not on Netflix, such as Boondocks and Samurai Jack, and Afro Samurai. Why I like it so much is not only does it have my favorite shows, but it recommends six different other shows,” said WPU junior, Justin Foster.
Since Netflix has raised its prices within the last year, many students are starting to think that Netflix may not be within their best interest.
The biggest problem is the price jump; however. one of the main problems is the lack of and recent cuts of films and television series on Netflix.
“Netflix doesn’t have good enough content to raise their prices,” said WPU freshman, Samuel Hardison.
Now students like Hardison and Foster have started to make the switch from Netflix and chill to Hulu and commitment.
Hardison made the switch due to the “college package” deal Hulu and Spotify made specifically for college students across the U.S.
“I have the Hulu and Spotify package. I pay 4.99 a month for Hulu and premium Spotify and since then, I haven’t touched my Netflix account,” said Hardison.
All you must do is sign up for either Spotify or Hulu and use a college email (edu email) and you will be able to access the 4.99 a month plan for both.
For a college student this is a good deal because you not only get one source of entertainment, but you will have two sources of entertainment for half the price. Plus, you have more content from Hulu rather than Netflix.
“Hulu adheres to a broader spectrum of the audience and Netflix is not really gaining anything,” said Foster.
However, Hulu does to seem to have more content, but it lacks the content of movies, while Netflix lacks the content of television series.
Some students do keep their Netflix accounts so they can have a bit more of a wide variety when it comes to movies.
I prefer Hulu over Netflix, yet I do own them both. The only reason I keep Netflix is for the movies and for my parents,” said Hardison.
By no reason is Netflix a horrible source of entertainment- because it’s not! I still like to watch my “Big Mouth” and my “Stranger Things” whenever I can. However, ten dollars a month is too much for the little content Netflix has.
Maybe in the future, things will be different for Netflix- who knows? But, until then, Hulu is the way to go.

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