WPU Student Fights SB 145

Stop Senate Bill 145 Flyer

What is Senate Bill 145? Senate Bill 145 is a proposal that states that North Carolina law enforcement officers will be able to act as Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers and have the same duties and responsibilities as ICE agents.
This bill will be up for consideration in the legislative short session in May. Critics say it would give state law enforcement officers the power to deport illegal immigrants. Should they be able to have this power?
William Peace University senior Trey Roberts says NO.
Roberts took it upon himself to organize a “City-Wide Letter Writing Event” known as “Stop SB 145.” He organized this event with the support from the ACLU of North Carolina, and El Pueblo, Inc. This event was held at different times at eight different downtown Raleigh locations on Feb. 8.
Roberts, who was the brains behind the event, had to go to each location and get them on board and explain why this is so important and how it would also be very beneficial for them and their businesses.
“I feel as if this event is so important to not only me, but should be to Raleigh as well, because I feel as if it is important to stand up for those who do not have a voice or their voices are not heard,” said Roberts.
“Bill 145 really spoke to me and I knew I had to do something.”

As well as having the brains and motivation to organize this event, he also went forwards and made use of the skills that WPU has taught him by being a communication major with a concentration in public relations. He made flyers for each business to promote the city-wide letter writing event, as well as flyers to bring notice to the event.[sidebar title=”Participating Businesses” align=”left” background=”on” border=”all” shadow=”on”]
The Raleigh businesses that took part in this event were:
-Videri Chocolate Factory
-Jose and Sons
-The District Raleigh
-Morning Times
-Person Street Bar
-Ruby Deluxe
-Slim’s Downtown
“Peace has really helped and prepared me for this event by using my public relations classes as well as my design and typography classes to make the flyer I did for the event,” said Roberts. 
Roberts said 100 letters were signed during the event, ready to send off to state representatives, who will consider them when it’s time to vote on the bill in May.

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