Pacers Go Nuts for Peanut Week

Peanut Week table with gifts on it

From Feb. 12 to Feb. 16, around 60 William Peace University students decided to share kindness with their fellow Pacers through the long-running tradition of Peanut Week.
Every year during Valentine’s week for several decades, Peanut Week has consisted of Peace students signing up to be randomly matched with a mystery person dubbed their “peanut.” The pair then gives gifts to each other daily throughout the week. The gifts can range from chocolate to stuffed toys and other novelty items.
“My favorite part was getting gifts,” said WPU freshman, Stephanie Romero-Reyes.
“It was a good opportunity to give and also to get on Valentine’s Day.”
Athena Azan, WPU junior, believes that the event taking place during the week of Valentine’s Day is great for those who might not have a significant other.
“I thought it was fun to give other people Valentine’s Day Gifts because you never know if that other person is going to get a valentine and it’s always satisfying giving other people gifts,” said Azan.
The week of giving lasts until the Friday “Peanut Party” where peanuts reveal themselves to their partners amid refreshments, music, and revelry.  
Payton Weller, Student Government Traditions Coordinator, was in charge of organizing Peanut Week and setting up the Peanut Party. This was her first year of doing so.
“I still wanted to participate because it is something I’ve done for the past two years, so Austin Arias matched all of the Peanuts and I didn’t do it because it kept it a surprise for me,” said Weller.
She believes that Peanut Week is a vital tradition to campus not just for the charity of the students, but also their ability to make new friends.
“The word ‘peanut’ in Peanut week [is] a term of endearment that’s very special, especially to our students when we were an all-women’s college,” said Weller.
“It also has helped to make friendships and encourages people to socialize with people that they may not know.”
Weller also says that the way these bonds are created through blind charity helps Pacers combat the fear of the unknown.
“You might get a peanut that you don’t know and you might have to think about what they would like and try and get to know them that way,” said Weller.
“It also brings out the best socializing skills in people throughout the week [as] some people like to find out who their peanut is, so they learn to do some detective work that way.”
Weller was quite proud to participate in one of her favorite traditions this year. While some Pacers missed Peanut Week this year, she is sure that this event will be carried on for generations to come.
“Peanut Week is one of the oldest traditions that Peace has, so as far as nostalgia, people really expect it every year,” said Weller.
For those who want to participate in one of WPU’s many proud traditions in the near future, the 2018 Red Rose Ball will take place on March 23, from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at a venue many in Raleigh will be familiar with.
“It does end a little bit earlier this year because it’s at the Nature Research Center on the first floor of the Science Museum in Downtown Raleigh,” said Weller.
“The theme is very apparent: ‘Night at the Museum’. It’s going to be super fun…ticket information will come within the next week or so and if anybody has any more questions about that, let me know, I have all sorts of details.”

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