Peace Times Presents at Showcase

students sit around a large table looking at screen with peace times videos

The student newspaper of William Peace University, The Peace Times, presented as part of Student Showcase that culminated in the release of the spring print edition on April 10.
Students from various aspects of the organization spoke regarding their positions and what they do for the paper. The news editor, feature editor, design team head, and visual media team all participated in the discussion. Speakers highlighted current features of the paper including a podcast.
The visual media team showed off upcoming content and members spoke about late nights producing content for the paper. 
“[I’m] not stressed about failure,” says WPU sophomore, Damian Perry, communication major with a focus in graphic design. “[I can] be very expressive in terms of what I create. [The Peace Times] is the only class on campus where I can practice my craft without having to stress about my grade.” 
stacks of printed Peace Times newspapers
The ability to express themselves creatively was a frequent topic during the showcase. Speakers also discussed the variety of topics covered by the paper. Everything was fair game from the Parkland walkout to tutorial videos on various college activities, which helps provide the paper its mass appeal.
There were questions about why the Peace Times still has a print edition in the digital age. Students responded with various answers; some described the appeal for the older generation while others saw the print edition as the capstone to the semester. The print edition came into the room in bundles and students were eager to distribute them.
One such student was WPU junior Ethan McElvaney, who paused to offer copies of the paper to everyone within reach during an interview. As a communication major with a focus in graphic design, he found a leadership position at the paper as design team head. The Peace Times offers McElvaney a special role within the university. 
“I like to be in charge of a team. Help people share their passion for graphic design,” says McElvaney. “Leading the design team allows me to represent the team and the whole school.” 
Members of the Peace Times feel they contribute something special for the campus. As design head, McElvaney sets the visual standards of the paper. He places an emphasis on modernity and freshness. Beyond just visual standards, McElvaney has high standards for the entire publication.
McElvaney has a vision for the publication as, “not just good enough for a college newspaper.” He envisions a future where the Peace Times, “could go toe to toe with the design of a full-fledged publication.”
Students like McElvaney ultimately set the framework for the paper moving forward. There are hopes that the high standards with help provide legitimacy to the Peace Times.
McElvaney wants people to see how, “trustworthy and interesting our publication is.”
This struggle for legitimacy will be ongoing as staff rotates through the organization. The Peace Times is always looking for more members. Joining the organization is as simple as registering for the class.  If the design team is appealing, McElvaney recommends contacting him after signing up for the class.

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