Businesses Tests the Feel for New Alamo

Alamo Drafthouse Sign

King’s bar holds an 80s themed party Feb. 1 to promote the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.
Alamo is a special movie theater that “When you see a movie [there], you get cold drinks, delicious meals, and tasty local beers, brought to your seat by a [ninja] server”.  Alamo hosts special and specific, normally older films.  The films chosen normally have movie parties, activities, and specified reasons for showing.
A new Alamo is planned to be opening mid-May off of New Bern Ave. in Raleigh. The cinema is having promotional events and soft movie showings playing new movie releases with half-off food and drinks for all.
To raise awareness for feminism and the Alamo coming downtown, the cinema had a promotional event called “Ladies of the 80’s” dance party in early March.
The party was filled with strictly 80s music from female artists, music videos, dancing, drag dancers/performers, drinks, hosts explaining the event, and fun props.  Props included “80s stuff” like chewing gum, glow sticks, a neon colored balloon backdrop, neon fish net gloves, and neon beaded necklaces and bracelets.
“It was a great getting to celebrate the ladies of the 80’s by dressing up, dancing, and singing with every song and music video at the event. I will be sure to attend the next event hosted by Alamo,” says William Peace University sophomore, Alex Garrison.
As the drinks were flowing, the people were too! There was a lot of dancing and excitement all throughout the event.
Around every four to five songs, the host would come on stage and grab everyone’s attention and say two cents about Alamo and the event itself. She encouraged the crowd to dance, sing and drink all night long.
Cheyenne Colburn, Peace sophomore says, “I dressed up and definitely sang and danced my heart out. It was a lot of fun”.
It was a night that promoted not only Alamo, but the fun you have at the Alamo and the feel that you get when you visit one of its events.
“If the Kings party is as half as awesome and fun as a regular Alamo showing will be, count me in,” said Shannon Turner, Peace sophomore student. “ It was a interesting and cool way to give tribute to the female artists which I fully support”.
A promotional event that will have even more laughs than a regular movie, is the showing of ‘Friday’…if you know this movie, you KNOW there is no way that you will walk out of that cinema without a dry eye of laughing tears.
With lots of fun, Alamo’s next promotional event will be April 23 that features ‘The Sandlot’, which is in honor of its 25th anniversary.  There will be activities at the Raleigh location’s showing, and it is one that you do not want to miss.
Guys and gals, come to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on 2116-D1 New Bern Ave. and visit its website at for a time that you will not regret!

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