How to… Relieve Stress

Pencil writing the word stress

Stress gets to everyone. Despite age or experience with life, stress has a possibility to affect any and everyone it comes across.
I have seen stress affect people with little children in tough situations to adults who are in even tougher situations.
The definition of stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. A typical case of having stress just means that you are overwhelmed by an emotional state.
You can get stressed out from things like work, school, or other serious situations like abuse or a death of someone close to you. Stress comes in all different shapes and sizes, depending on the person.
A very common and important way to help relieve stress is to try and relax with the things that assist in relaxing your mind and body.
I asked a few people close to me how they relieve their stress. They did not give too much detail with their answers, but that is kind of what I expected.
When having your own way of relieving stress, usually it can be pretty straightforward to others.
I asked my mother, LaShawnda Kornegay, what she does to relieve her stress. Mostly because of the fact that she tends to handle stress so much better than I could ever handle my own.
Her answer was very quick and to the point: “Reading and drinking coffee.”
Another person I asked was my boyfriend, Kyle Lippiello, and his answer was a little… more than I bargained for. After some talking, he boiled it down to a simpler way he relieves his stress: “Video games, YouTube videos, and alcohol.”
Before anyone says it, no he is not an alcoholic. But he does like to have a drink or two whenever he is buried deep under his stress.  
The last person I spoke to about how they relieve their stress was my best friend, Meghan Barnak. Honestly, her response to the question was the simplest out of the other two people I spoke with.
She told me to relieve her stress she will, “take a break and listen to music”.
Take a note from those listed if you haven’t found a permanent way to relieve your own stress!
It is a lot easier than one would think to find a way to relieve stress. It doesn’t even have to be a common way to relieve it. Some people have strange ways to help get rid of their stress. “Strange” being used in a sense of their methods being very rare or something you would have never thought of.
Relaxation is the main objective to reach when it comes to alleviating your stress.
There are many ways to do so, whether it goes from mediation to drawing something to vent or to something way different like punching a punching dummy at the gym.
Stress can get people down pretty easily, so it may be hard at first to find your ideal way to relax and alleviate the stress. But don’t give up immediately!
It may take a while to figure out how to get rid of your own stress, but once you find the right method for you, it would be beneficial to stick to it.

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