Prepare Yourself for Florence


In the case of any inclement weather, and in this case, a Category 4 hurricane named Florence, it is best to be as prepared as possible for any dangerous weather. Whether you’re living in a dorm on campus, an apartment, or living with your parents, there are certain steps that every individual should take to prepare and make sure that they will be safe no matter what the circumstances end up being! 
A few things to keep in mind during preparation:

  • Download the ReadyNC app: It has lots of reliable and up-to-date info on weather conditions, power outages, flooding and more.
  • Make an evacuation plan: Know your shelters! In case of an evacuation, make sure you know where the safest place needed to go. Without having a car, or even a cell phone, sometimes finding a place can be difficult. It is important to keep a paper map during times like these. Mark where safe places will be, on or off campus. Winds can be very dangerous during a hurricane, do not go outside unless it is a life-threatening situation.
  • In regards to your vehicle, park in a place where there are less trees and not many other vehicles. Also, sometimes parking decks can be a great place because they are high and water won’t be able to damage it, depending on the amount of rainfall.
  • Avoid Flooded Areas: Avoid staying by bodies of water in case of flooding.
  • Caring for Pets: If you own a pet or taking care of others’ pets, make sure that you have enough dry dog food AND water for them. They will need lots of water, and sometimes that can be overlooked when preparing for a storm. 
  • Emergency Supplies Shopping:  Being prepared ahead of time is very important. Go shopping as soon as possible when there is word of a storm. Examples of things to buy would be cases of water bottles, canned foods, high energy foods (nature valley bars, protein bars, peanut butter), eating supplies (Paper cups, plates, and utensils), batteries (every size), flashlight, portable charger, cash, paper map of surroundings, and a whistle.
  • First Aid Kit: It is also very important to have a first aid kit on hand at all times during a storm. Things to have packed away should be: Aspirin, gauze bandages, Adhesive bandages, hand wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Latex gloves, Adhesive tape, Antibacterial ointment, Cold pack, Small scissors, and Tweezers.
  • Clothing: In regards to clothing, having certain clothes ready is also very important when preparing for inclement weather. It is a good idea to have rain boots, sweatshirt, heavy rain coat, extra undergarments, etc. 
  • Sanitation List: Staying clean during a storm is an important part of staying safe. Things to have on hand would be toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, towels, soap, plastic bucket, feminine products, and trash bags.
  • Valuables: During a storm, it is also very important to have important records, wallet, ID documentation, cash and credit cards all in a special place, as well as placed in something that cannot get wet (such as a ziploc bag) in case of flooding or heavy rain.

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