The Station: More Bang for Your Buck

Burger and potatp wedges with the word the station at the bottom of the picture.

One of the best things about attending William Peace University are the wonderful restaurants in walking distance, especially The Station and Bad Daddy’s. However, which restaurant might be more bang for your buck?
Since I’ve been at WPU, getting away from Peace Dining is always a victory within itself. Two of my go-to places when I do not want to walk far are The Station on Person Street and Bad Daddy’s on Seaboard Ave. I do enjoy both establishments, but you might get more for your money at The Station.
“You get your money’s worth,” sophomore Samuel Hardison said. “The customer service is great, the prices are wonderful, and the food is even better!”
One thing that many people look at when going out to eat is how much they are going to have to spend to have a meal that fills them up. The Station has $5 burgers on Monday’s. This deal lets you pick the type of burger (veggie or beef), the type of cheese, items that come from the garden, and any other meats, such as bacon to load on top of the burger. Not only do you get the burger you want for $5, but it is also served with potato wedges. If you order that meal at Bad Daddy’s it is easily $10.
While both places do have a great atmosphere and food, if you are more concerned about saving money and still want an awesome experience, The Station can offer that for you.
“The Station is way more affordable!” sophomore Heather Toone stated. “Plus, if you’re not a sandwich person then there is a wider variety of things to eat.”
If you are on a tight budget and do not want a burger, I would suggest ordering the macaroni and cheese. It is a wonderful option from The Station. It only cost $4 and the portion size is reasonable. 
Contending upon where you stay on campus, The Station can be a shorter walk for you than Bad Daddy’s.
“A great thing about the station is the service,” said Hardison. “They do a really good job at seating you and servicing you. It seems like it’s never crowded, and I can actually hear the people I’m with.”
Bad Daddy’s is a great place; however, it does tend to be crowded and a bit noisy. It is nice being able to go restaurant and be able to hear the person you are with. I like having nice conversations and for “what” to not be every other word.
With a restaurant that has the tendency to be crowded, sometimes the service can be not up to standards for everyone.
“The service is great! I love the staff there, they are welcoming and very nice,” said Toone. “You also can get your food a lot quicker too.”
I will say that, I have honestly never had a bad experience at The Station. Every time I have gone there the service, the food, and the overall experience was great!
As a college student, there are times where we must be frugal with our money and manage our time. If you want a place that you can have a great time but, still be mindful of money, the Station on Person Street is the perfect place for you!

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