Gun Violence at the Vie Concerns Students

The Vie Apartment Complex entrance

Two men were wounded in a shooting at the Vie in Raleigh on Aug. 15,  the fourth incident this academic school year, which has the apartment community, most of which are local university students, concerned over the latest string of violence.
No William Peace University students were involved in the incident, according to Campus Security police.
The incident took place early morning at a party in the vicinity of Wolf Creek Drive. Per campus security, two unidentified males were shot and sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
“Currently, the incident is still under investigation by Raleigh Police Department,” said Michael John, Director of Campus Safety for WPU.
The incident left a lasting impression on the complex community, including WPU students. 
Trey Bryant, WPU junior and student athlete, resides in a building adjacent where the incident happened and says that while his building is usually peaceful, he still has concerns. 
“I haven’t seen the management do anything except just move all of the students closer,” said Bryant. “I mean I feel like the shooting [that] happened was closer to us than last year’s incident. Overall, it’s been cool living here. However, I can’t tell if the management is doing all they can by moving us away from possible threats. I am not sure if it is helping us or hurting us.” 
University leaders have expressed concerns and have ensured that additional measures are in effect for the safety of the WPU community, including additional police units at the complex.
“The Vie at Raleigh will be increasing Raleigh Police officers and Wake County Sheriffs by living on the property by the end of the month,” said Frank Rizzo, Vice President for Student Life for WPU.
In addition to Rizzo’s letter, John stated that the additional security will come with around the clock monitoring. 
“These police cars will be stationed from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., seven days a week and include patrols,” said John.
This supplement is seen as a start to resolving threats across the student apartment complex.
“This is a huge change from the previous contracted outside security company that was in place last academic year,” said John. “In addition, even beyond these hours, RPD will make regular patrols as part of their community watch around the area.”
John said the Vie management is currently looking for city approval to block off and use concrete barriers for an entrance to the property that will be in front of the buildings. He said the Vie management also agreed to add additional lighting around the property and is waiting on county permitting to install them.
“This will assist Raleigh police with patrolling the property,” said John.
 Former WPU student Akeem Mills, who currently lives at the Vie, feels more could be done.
“Honestly, with all these shootings happening here, I truly feel that they can do a better job in protecting everyone here,” said Mills. “There’s many students and other residents here. Placing us in an area that’s potentially dangerous, yes, anything can happen anywhere at a given time, but it’s not cool for them to not do anything about the issue.” 

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