Fall Cocktail is Back!

Fall Cocktail 2018

Autumn is finally here, which means there is a very special event approaching at William Peace University. On Nov. 2, Peace will be hosting the annual fall cocktail from 8:00 until 11:00 PM. This event has been a student favorite throughout the years.
Unlike previous years, this event will be held on campus in the Main Parlor and Main courtyard. This is very convenient for those who live on campus, unlike past years when the event has taken place at venues all around downtown. With the formal beginning at eight o’clock, that leaves plenty of time for students to get ready on Friday afternoon after classes and extracurriculars.
It is not very often that students get to dress up and have a night out with their friends or significant others aside from school. This year’s cocktail has a secret garden theme which gives students another idea to think about when they select their event attire. The dress code, as usual, is semi-formal which means no jeans or casual clothes.
Audrey Moore, Traditions Coordinator for Student Government Association at Peace, is looking forward to this special event. She has spent a lot of time and effort in planning the event and is excited for everyone to see and experience all of her hard work.
“This event is free to students and is going to be a really fun night. There will be food, music, and dancing,” said Moore. “Students can bring one guest, so just put on a nice outfit and come to have a good time.”
When planning for this night, keep in mind all of the great local resources that may be useful in preparing for the cocktail. There is a nail salon located in Seaboard Station which is only a several minute walk from campus, and Cameron Village is just a short drive from Peace which has various boutiques, men’s clothing stores, and several nail and hair salons.
Shannon Turner, a current junior at WPU, has always enjoyed taking part in the many traditions that the university has to offer.
“My favorite thing about Fall Cocktail is seeing everyone dressed all fancy and ready to enjoy the music,” said Turner. “I’d recommend other students to attend because the music and energy is super fun. It’s a great opportunity to get dressed up and have fun with your friends and classmates outside of school.”
Peace will be a perfect setting for photos prior to the event, as the campus has many great buildings, statues, and is surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature. The campus offers an overall beautiful scene and location for photo opportunities. With the dance planned to be located near Main Lawn, it is sure to be a perfect place to be when the sun sets right behind the historic fountain. Be sure to tag Peace in your photos on social media so that you can share your fun experience and with everyone on and off campus.
For more information on this upcoming event, contact the Student Government Association or check their social media pages.

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