Dressing With Class For Class

Students wearing different styles of outfits while studying

Walk into any college classroom and the outfits students are wearing will vary greatly. For some students, college is their first chance to wear clothing they want and use fashion as a way to express themselves. For others, fashion is merely a choice of what will be most comfortable while sitting through a long lecture.
Taylor Monroe, a junior at UNC-Wilmington, is particularly passionate about dressing for weather when deciding what to wear to class.
“In dress clothes I’m either sweating my [butt] off or freezing. At least in my comfy clothes I can regulate my temperature more,” said Monroe.
We know clothing can help express oneself and feel more comfortable, but does how being dressed actually affect students performance in class? Students at Peace don’t seem to think so. In a survey of 132 different WPU students from all around campus, only 45 believed that how being dressed in class would have significant effect on their performance within a class setting.
“I just dress casually depending on my attitude that day and the weather,” said WPU junior, Rachael Thomas. “I don’t think it affects my performance directly.”
Overall, students just want to feel their best when in class and that’s not exclusive to the Peace campus. A social media blast about dressing for class received responses from students as close as NC State and others in the UNC college system.
“I want to be in clothes that make me feel my best, some days that’s dressing up and at least looking cute. Other days, it’s comfy shorts and a big shirt,” said UNCG senior, Sam Huffstetler.   “Feeling your best and what you’re comfortable in makes you more productive. For some people, that’s suits and for others, that’s sweats.”
Professors don’t typically concern themselves with their students outfit choices, but when it comes to comfortability there is one thing they are worried about, which is pajamas. Pajamas are super comfortable, but might not be the best fit for a college class.
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Alexandra Daniels, wants her students to dress as if they were headed into their future career workplace.
“It drives me up the wall when [students] wear pajamas. This is a workplace and [students] are supposed to be training for work,” said professor Daniels. 

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