8 Reasons To Love William Peace University

Green and white welcome students banner, two blonde girls sitting and a group of students at William Peace University in a photo collage.

As I come to my final semester of college, I find it incredibly important to discuss why I have spent the last four years here. William Peace University is something special.

  • Ms. Gina at Peace Perks

If you have ever walked into Finch Library, you know Ms. Gina. She never fails to welcome you whether you are grabbing a cup of coffee or just going into the library. Despite her big heart, she takes care of you. I have gone to Peace Perks countless times when I have not felt well and she fixes me a tea that works wonders. It is kind of like having your mom around to take care of you. It feels good.
Ms. Gina is a huge part about why I love Peace. She truly cares about the students.

  • The Location

You have heard it before and you will hear it again, the location of WPU is clutch. It is a huge part of WPU’s elevator pitch, but they are not just hyping it up. We are located in the middle of downtown Raleigh. Some of the best restaurants in Raleigh are located within walking distance. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Sullivan’s Steakhouse, The Station, and many more restaurants surround the campus. Another key point in a pristine location is coffee shops. Brew Coffee Bar and Yellow Dog Bread Company are both less than a five minute walk away. They both have free wifi, delicious pastries, and great coffee… what could be better?
One thing new college students want to experience is a “night life.”Most bars and clubs are just up the road, costing $7.00 or less to Uber.

  • Professors like Dr. Heidi and Professor Christman

WPU has small class sizes, it’s a known fact. What comes with those small class sizes is even better, a professor who genuinely cares about students success. It is obvious that there are amazing professors everywhere you go, but WPU professors really stand out. Some of the most obvious professors, but are not limited too, include Dr. Heidi, Professor Christman, Dr. Otis, Professor Daniels, Dr. Cushman and so many more.
Peace professors have your back. If you have personal things going on, if you’re struggling in a course, if you have an academic problem, these professors will be there for you. The difference is they want you to succeed and be great, it isn’t all about the pay check or your grades you receive. These professors I will forever be grateful for.

  • Men’s Basketball Games

I get it. You probably think that our little school does not have the “school spirit” as a larger university, but that is far from the case. When I decided to come to Peace, one of my “cons” (I thought) was the lack of student participation at sporting events, but I was wrong. Walking into a WPU men’s basketball game is an experience. The stands are full, the gym is loud, and the school spirit is through the roof. Just watching head coach, Claude Shields, in full coaching action is a show in itself. You might not be able to hear your friends you came with, but it doesn’t matter because you are so invested in the game. It is THAT fun. #KeepPacing

  • Our Beautiful, Simple Campus

Nothing quite beats the frozen fountain in mid January on a brisk day. There is something so simple, but beautiful about it. It is also something you become incredibly proud of. I look at pictures of WPU or drive by and still admire the tranquility of our campus.

  • A President Like No Other

Not to brag, but do you know any other university presidents who visit sporting events regularly or on a Saturday, who send encouraging email videos wishing the students good luck on exams, or has an A1 Twitter game? I think not. Not only is President Ralph amazing, but he also truly wants the best for WPU. The amount of good change WPU has seen since President Ralph came to Peace, is outstanding.

  • Lifelong Friends

College is about learning and growing, but you can’t do that without the support of amazing people. WPU makes it a point to help students come together in the beginning. I thought WPU was “forcing” students to become friends, but in reality, their idea is to take us out of our comfort zones and help us make lifelong friends. I can not thank the masterminds who planned the events the first week of school your freshman year, I met amazing people that I still have four years later.

  • Random Acts of Kindness

Say you’re having a bad day. Imagine someone giving you some candy, handing out hot chocolate, or giving you simple words of encouragement. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then Peace is the place for you. In bigger universities it is almost impossible to connect with majority of the students, but I have witnessed WPU staff members stand outside for hours just trying to make a students day. That’s devotedness and those kinds of events make you feel important.

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