WPU Baseball Has Big Plans for 2019

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The Spring semester has begun and baseball is underway for the 2019 season. Coaches and players are excited for what the season will bring.
From Winning Top 3 to Winning the Conference tournament, the baseball team aims to accomplish many goals this season.
For the 2018 season, the baseball team was 19-19. Prior to the first two years, the baseball team was 17-21 and 10-25. This year, there are 14 teams in the conference and 50 teams in regionals.
Last year, there was a record number of 52 players for the season. This year alone there are a total of 44 players. Along with those players includes 11 seniors. Head Coach Curtis Owens, expects that seniors this year will know what it takes in making this season successful.
Coach Curtis has been the head coach for the WPU Baseball team for four years now. His expectations for the season include encouraging a lot of growth and competing as a team.
Overall, considering the years he has been the head coach here at Peace, Coach Curtis believes that the team’s strengths include the players’ chemistry and leadership capability. He admires one of his team players, Derrick Jackson (#30), as a knowledgeable team player and very admirable. As a weakness Coach Curtis believes that the team lacks overall experience.
Austin Padgett (Pitcher #45) and Sam Peddycord (Pitcher #18), both freshman at Peace, seek to have conference success this season and also to improve skills while on the field.
Nathan Holt (Center Field, #15), Jamey May ( Pitcher, #49), and Noah Carter (Right-hand pitcher, #43), all juniors at Peace, also seek to have great success in 2019.
From hitting over 400 to making pitcher contributions and continuing the team’s history, overall they look forward to giving their all this season.
McKinley Stanberry (Lead Pitcher, #12) and Michael Millian (Catcher, #34), both seniors this year, are looking forward to winning conference and being successful this season in regionals. During this season, Stanberry seeks to improve clarity among himself and others on the team, while Millian aims to improve overall culture within the team. His biggest fear for the season is being underachieved.
The first game of the 2019 season is on Friday, February 8 at 5 pm against Brevard College.
Go Pacers!

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