Graduation Game Plan

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The Class of 2019 is gearing up for graduation this May. Graduate Salute, where seniors prepare to participate in Commencement and other graduation activities is being held Feb. 12 and 13 in Main Parlour from noon until 6pm.
Receiving your diploma is often seen as a first step into the “real world.” After graduation former students are tasked with figuring out their next steps. For some people that means finding their own place or their first professional job, but other students are planning to continue their education or face the reality of moving back in with their parents for a while.
“I think the first few months after [graduation] are going to be really hectic. I’m planning on living with my parents and saving up some money while I decide what I’m going to do,” said Easton Payton, a senior in the political science degree program at Peace.
It’s easy to worry you are falling behind when you don’t have a clear plan for after graduation, but it’s important to remember you are not alone! While some students have a game plan and defined goals for after May, there are many seniors who are looking forward to exploring their opportunities.
Peace student, Aubrey Kitchin, a senior in the business administration degree program, is excited to be entering the job market while the economy is doing better and there are more jobs available.
He doesn’t quite know what life is going to look like in a few months commenting, “I have some ideas like either staying in Raleigh with this internship or going back home to the Outer Banks to find work,” and “Peace has helped I definitely feel prepared for it.”
Ideally every student moving on from Peace would feel completely prepared for their next move. Some seniors mentioned the internship process and consistent course loads as especially helpful for feeling qualified and adapted to the professional environment.
Anthony Mercer, a Peace senior in the political science degree program, is in the process of applying to law schools like North Carolina Central University and Campbell University. He has enjoyed his time at Peace and feels optimistic about how this education is going to help him in the future.
“Peace prepared me for the business side of life – life is a business where you have to obtain services to succeed,” said Mercer.
No matter where your game plan takes you next your fellow Peace Pacers will be cheering you on!

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